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2013 Resolutions: Artist Faith47

Faith47 | Stated Magazine Resolutions 2013

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Resolutions. Some things stay the same, but most things change. We invited a small group of previously featured stated artists to reflect on 2012 and share their plans for 2013.

Faith47 is a South African mural artist originally profiled in stated in February 2012.

i will not scowl. i will not lose my keys. i will calm my mind. smoke less cigarettes. drink less alcohol. more water. i will go for regular mandarin lessons with a personal tutor. i will read more and speak less. i will laugh more at trivial things. i will dedicate more time to meditation. i will watch more documentaries. i will go to more gallery openings. i will give more help to keya with his studies. i will find him an afrikaans tutor. i will be kinder. i will forget painful events fast and remember good moments forever. i will remember painful moments and treasure good events in my heart. i will dig deeper. 

i will paint with gold. i will explore shadows. i will never make boring work. i will dream my story out into people’s minds. i will bend my own rules. i will not forget the elders. i will cut a fringe. find a waterfall. teach yi to drive a car. go camping. i will pin ink into my skin and remember my mortality. i will miss my father. i wont make his mistakes. i will dive into my subconscious. i will not get a cat although i would love one. i will find elegant black winter boots. i will not look at the faults of others but rather improve those of my own. i will buy art. i will not forget to water the plants. i will get more herbs. i will go on silent retreats. i will revere wise women. i will buy less plastic. i will still use plastic. i will still drive a car and fly in aeroplanes. i will still be human and assist in destroying the planet. i will not believe the lies. i will learn more secrets. i might not vote. i probably will cry a few times. i will try to get to nepal. i will paint with colors mixed of amber that washes away anxiety. find hues of the deepest cures. i will remedy hearts with tones. i will cut through layers. i will tear up ambition. i will be humble. i will forget my ego. i will falter. i will fail. i will not care. i will not give in. i will probably give in. i will remain loyal. i will paint more canvas and less wood. i will cast away the demons of suburban rational thought. i will collect more stones from different countries. i will still be in awe of the earth. i will pain at our stupidity. i will find solace in the insight of others. i will look for my own answers. i will not take things too seriously. i will let people make their own decisions. i will sometimes consult the i-ching. i will try to find balance within. i will keep death as my advisor. i will try not to scratch off my nail polish. i will try not to forget things. i will not be perfect. i will observe.

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