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2013 Resolutions: Artist & Painter Leith O'Malley

Leith O'Malley | Stated Magazine Resolutions 2013

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Resolutions. Some things stay the same, but most things change. We invited a small group of previously featured stated artists to reflect on 2012 and share their plans for 2013.

Leith O’Malley is an Australian visual artist and painter originally profiled in stated in January 2012.

Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick.
Twenty twelve? Damn…where did the last twelve months go?

Already one year is rolling into the next like a Cactus Beach wave. I have literally just popped my head up from immersing myself in a few months of prep work for an upcoming exhibition. Time flies.

Optimistically, I’ve been thinking more and more lately about what the next twelve months will bring. I have begun to recognise my own worst enemy is an inquisitive attraction toward several different art mediums and the temptation to continually leap in and out of them. It’s a steep learning curve for some of them and quite time diminishing, but a hell of a lot of fun.

One would think painting, drawing, and some occasional collage would create endless hours of enjoyment, but I want to push myself into new and interesting areas of art making in 2013 and beyond.

Digital illustration, graphic art, filmmaking, and particularly photography continue to fuel the chameleon within me, which I now happily embrace.

I’ve found that just as I appreciate a wide range of musical styles, I am similarly attracted to the many disciplines of art and design, whatever the process or medium. The courtship of technology and art has always seemed an interesting union to me and I’m keen to continue scratching around in it.

So moving forward I am hoping to spend a little more time investigating an array of creative pursuits, in particular, ways to marry my love of paint with a growing infatuation for photography. I haven’t quite worked out how that will materialise, but I am interested in combining what I know about both mediums and looking for an original overlap if that makes any sense. 

So in 2013 I would love to make that happen, at the very least in print form. So I suppose if all goes well my New Year’s resolution just may be 300 dpi…

Onward and artward. With all this in mind, a celebratory glass of red is in order.

So a toast…to twenty thirteen and somehow slowing down that pesky ticking clock. Life is short, art is longer. Right?

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