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2013 Resolutions: Animation Director & Illustrator Ned Wenlock

Ned Wenlocl | Stated Magazine Resolutions 2013

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  Ned Wenlock  

Resolutions. Some things stay the same, but most things change. We invited a small group of previously featured stated artists to reflect on 2012 and share their plans for 2013.

Ned Wenlock is an animation director and illustrator from New Zealand who creates animated films for short films, commercials, and music videos, including MGMT’s “All We Ever Wanted Was Everything.” He was originally profiled in stated in March 2012.

Back to school

Most of my personal animation projects came about through chance and a bit of experimentation. I might find a music track or a sound effect that I felt had some character to it and a narrative would develop. The end results could be summed up as whimsical, which they are. It’s fun and easy to experiment because there are no expectations; it is what it is.

This year I have been busy with commercial work but I also decided to take some time out to see how I could apply what I’ve learned through my experiments and what have you, to straight forward film making.

It’s been hard learning and applying structure to what I do. For a visual person, writing a script is a bit unfathomable. Deciding on what point I am trying to make through the story is a new concept. For an indecisive guy I’m realizing it’s all about decisions and opinions.

2012 has been the gestation period for me, learning, learning, learning. 2013 will hopefully be about putting what I’ve learned into practice and making a short film.

Applying structure is making me confront what sort of filmmaker I really am and to be honest that’s a bit scary.


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