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2013 Resolutions: Artist Indigo

Indigo | Stated Magazine Resolutions 2013

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Resolutions. Some things stay the same, but most things change. We invited a small group of previously featured stated artists to reflect on 2012 and share their plans for 2013.

Indigo is an international stencil artist originally interviewed by stated in December 2010.

i2012 was a challenging year for me. It’s been a time of transition as I moved across the world from Canada to Cape Town and made a six-month commitment to an arts administration role that left very little time for art making. And after a few months spent traveling in Europe, Canada, and the US to paint and visit family and friends, I am back here in Cape Town making a go of it once again. 

I am already up to my eyeballs in prep work for 2013, with two major projects on the go here in South Africa, both exploring water and its connection to community through creative means. The first is called “Water Writes,” one in a series of worldwide mural projects produced by Estria Foundation in LA. The other is “Kalahari Catalyst,” a project that aims to improve the quality of life in Utikom and Andriesvale, two Kalahari Desert villages, through the combination of art, permaculture, and education. I’m realizing more and more that creativity in conjunction with community is where I would like to spend the majority of my time—on connecting people to help manifest positive social change, both small and large scale.

In addition to this, I’ve finally got a live/work studio space for the first time all year, shared with my boyfriend, Andrzej Urbanski, who is also a painter. We are still renovating and building furniture, but when it’s done it’s going to be an amazing space to create, and could in the future also take shape as a gallery, residency, or even a small art school. I’m looking forward to starting a large body of work soon, hopefully for a solo show sometime in late 2013. More than anything, I’m enjoying putting down roots in this country and seeing what comes of it.


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