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2013 Resolutions: Painter Jana Brike

Jana Brike | Stated Magazine Resolutions 2013

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Resolutions. Some things stay the same, but most things change. We invited a small group of previously featured stated artists to reflect on 2012 and share their plans for 2013.

Jana Brike is a Latvian painter who creates arresting images filled with color. She was originally profiled in stated in May 2012.

2013 is going to be a very busy and intense year for me. I have solo and group exhibitions and different projects planned in Latvia, US, Thailand, Italy, and Australia, and hope to be present in most if not all of them. It is always exciting and important for me to explore new contexts and audiences for my visual poetry, and to obtain new perspectives on life and my art this way. When I travel I always look at myself and comprehend myself through the new challenging perspective of the new place. Life and art for me is one whole and united experience.

Also, I want to continue to explore other mediums, but also expand my work in different fields of culture and life with other interesting people—I have a collaborative project coming up with a fashion designer, a project with a musician and a writer, and other ideas.

I feel the mark of the 2013 is going to be creativity and love, and not just for me. I have more and more friends and acquaintances who have been working in corporations for money’s sake, but now leaving their day-job and starting their own creative work of their hearts, whatever that is—bakery, dressmaker’s shop, or vegetable garden. And it makes me feel good about life, next year and the future. It may be time for great wonderful changes.


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