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Tanya Erzen M. Bartley Seigel Bryan Furuness Todd Colby Katherine Gleason Jared Harel Leslie Miller
Tomas Q. Morin Carissa Halston Dinty W. Moore Jonathon Williams Jay Baron Nicorvo Matthew Thorburn Camille Martin

The scholar John Rodden calls the literary interview a “fully-fledged genre.” I used to be skeptical of this idea—what makes asking an author about her work different than, say, a ballerina? But after assigning my students at The College of Saint Rose to speak with an author about his or her work, I’m more inclined to think the literary interview qualifies as a distinct form of performance. I put out a call on Facebook and Twitter for people who have books coming out. Would you speak to a college student about your book? I asked. Sure, they said. Review copies were sent, students selected their authors, read and researched their work, and asked questions. I’ve enjoyed these performances, and I hope you do as well. 

- Daniel Nester, Contributing Word Editor

Tanya Erzen
M. Bartley Seigel
  Interviewed by Brittney DeVoe     Interviewed by Jessica Furiani  
Bryan Furuness
Todd Colby
  Interviewed by Stephanie Clowe     Interviewed by April Zwack  
Katherine Gleason
Jared Harel
  Interviewed by Abbey Barker     Interviewed by Quinn Burch  
Leslie A. Miller
Tomas Q. Morin
  Interviewed by Danielle DeMichelle     Interviewed by Seamus Cunningham  
Carissa Halston
Dinty W. Moore
  Interviewed by Kayla Kuilema     Interviewed by Danielle Shine  
Johnathon Williams
Jay Baron Nicorvo
  Interviewed by McKenzee Greene     Interviewed by Mar Shay Hines  
Matthew Thorburn
Camille Martin
  Interviewed by Krista Liuzzi     Interviewed by Katie Rosenthal