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VIDEO: The RAARR Exhibit Brings Kids Into the Creative Process

Raarr (pronounced RAAARRGHHH!) is an exhibition of collaborative zoological drawings. But the beauty of the concept is that the illustrations are started by adults, and finished by school kids.

22 illustrators were commissioned to draw a reptile, bird, mammal, amphibian, fish, or insect—without completing the head or face. The kids add the heads, and colors, and anything else they like.

We all know who learns the most when working creatively with children. All agencies should have some kids available for feedback. The results are on view at The Book Club in London, and given their calendar or events, we wish they would expand to New York City.


Animation: Milk and Bookies

The beautiful and heart-warming animation below was created for MILK+BOOKIES, a non-profit organization that exposes young children how great it feels to give back while celebrating the love of a good book.

Milk + Bookies was founded in 2004 by Meredith Alexander, a mother of two sons who resides in Los Angeles. In 2009, Heidi Lindelof and Laura Zimmerman, also L.A.-based moms, joined Meredith to help Milk + Bookies grow, all the while maintaining its core mission. That same year, Milk + Bookies was designated a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.

At Milk + Bookies events, boys and girls are provided the opportunity to select, purchase, and inscribe books that are then donated to peers who do not have access to books of their own. Events feature music, story time, and, of course, milk and cookies.


SITE OF THE DAY: "Brown Paper Bag" Showcases Art on Paper

“Brown Paper Bag” is a daily art blog with a focus on works created on paper, including fine art, illustration, and design. According to curator Sara E. Barnes’ notes on the site, the name was chosen because, “The brown paper bag is a great equal­izer. You can draw on it (makes a great neu­tral base), jot down notes, con­ceal your malt liquor, and mask that hideous zit on your nose.” The site boasts a deep well of intriguing work worth adding to your list of frequented sites.


SITE OF THE DAY: Juxtapoz Magazine 

Juxtapoz is a print magazine covering all manner of art, from street art to tattoo design. Its web counterpart likewise serves up the latest news in arts and culture, as well as highlighting artists and their work across disciplines. Check out their current coverage of the Pima Air & Space Museum’s “Boneyard Project.



Top 10 Stated Articles of 2011

As we step into 2012, we thought we’d take a quick look back at some of 2011’s most popular articles on stated. We’ve pulled together a list of the 5 most-viewed feature interviews and 5 most-viewed posts from the Stated Daily blog. It was a close call, with some hugely popular pieces just missing the top 5. We’d love to highlight all of them, but we’d be here until next year.

So without further ado…

Top 5 Feature Interviews of 2011

Girl power ruled last year, leading the pack with their diverse talents in various disciplines. (The men trailed just behind—number 6 would be our conversation between legendary Yes lead singer Jon Anderson and Jimmy Gnecco of Ours).

1. Grace Helbig

When we published our February launch interview, Grace had just launched her Daily Grace YouTube channel (although she’d been posting on MyDamnChannel for nearly three years), and had just a few thousand subscribers. Not even a full year later, Grace has passed 100K subscribers and become a true Internet celebrity, featured on the YouTube homepage in a Google Chrome ad just last week. She’s now a regular correspondent for Attack of the Show on G4, where she’s interviewed celebrities from the Harry Potter cast to The Lonely Island. She somehow still finds the time to perform improv weekly at The Peoples Improv Theatre, and shoots and edits You Deserve a Drink for fellow tuber Mamrie Hart. We’re convinced she’s a robot.

2. Virginia Elwood

Tattoo artist and entrepreneur Virginia Elwood continues to work her magic at New York Adorned. Her Pedaler Clothing line for cyclists, from which she’s generously provided hoodies for some of our lucky subscribers, continues to grow in popularity and skill.

3. Veronica Belmont

Veronica Belmont is a force to be reckoned with. Not only is she host of Tekzilla on Revision3 and Qore on The Playstation Network, but was also named one of Gizmodo’s “25 Most Viral People on the Internet” for her ability to use social media—namely Google+—to push a story into the viral stratosphere.

4. Kimbra

Aussie singer Kimbra is clearly set to break any moment in the US. Her funky vocals are a mix of pop and jazz influences including Nina Simone, and her Day-Glo videos match her unique flair for style.

5. Sara Blake/ZSO

Sara / aka “ZSO” continues to captivate with gorgeous illustration, a hybrid of hand-drawn and digital artistry. She recently took part in the Letterpress Show at New York Writes Itself, as well as the We Can Create conference in New Zealand. Her prints regularly sell out on, and her work is featured in publications and on websites all over the world.

Top 5 Stated Daily Posts

1. SOTD: Grain Edit

Part of our ongoing series of “Site of the Day” posts websites that catch our eye, Grain Edit celebrates classic design from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s and has an impressive following. If you haven’t already, take a moment to explore the site’s deep library of artwork interviews, and articles.

2. Video: Zeitgeist 2011 Year in Google Searches

Google’s year-end video stylishly recapped the incredible year using its own searches and YouTube videos as a vehicle to capture the cultural zeitgeist. While a shameless promotion for Google, it effectively highlights the importance technology and social media played in 2011, from the Arab Spring to the raid and killing of Osama Bin Laden.

3. Artist to Watch: Christopher Brian King

Our short Q&A with book cover illustrator Christopher Brian King highlighted a talented and successful young artist who master of his unique craft. In his own words, King helps “people tell their stories using words and pictures” and has an incredible ability to encapsulate an entire novel in one image.

4. Ger: To Be Separate

We had the pleasure of meeting actor and model Ger Duany in New York this year. One of the Lost Boys of Sudan, he became a child soldier separated from his family when he was 10. After bouncing between refugee at camps in Ethiopia and Kenya, he was brought to the United States at the age of 14. Award-winning Kenyan filmmaker Wanuri Kahiu and Ger now share his story in the film, Ger: To Be Separate, which traces his path from childhood through his July 2011 return to South Sudan to search for his family and celebrate the country’s independence.

5. Stated at NY Comic Con: Holy Cosplay, Batman!

For our second year at New York Comic Con, we brought along our Contributing Photographer Mark Wiggin to capture the crazy costumed crowd and collect their characters’ famous last words. We had a great time meeting the hilarious and creative people featured in our resulting slideshow.


What was your favorite piece of 2011? Who would you like to see us interview in 2012? Let us know in the comments below and connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+! Also be sure to sign-up for free updates by email.

Thanks to all of our readers and our tremendous artists for making 2011 a great year! We’re coming up on our official one-year anniversary in February, and simply can’t wait to share even more interviews, launch our new Stated Profiles short interviews on the Stated Daily blog, and more exciting features and series to come.

Happy New Year!